UML class diagram of "UML class diagrams"

Hello there,

I would like to ask if anyone know where I can see an UML class diagram that contains the structure of typical UML class diagrams.

This may sound confusing, but I’m currently working on that project that consists in doing an UML class diagram designer (and later integrate it with Redmine wiki platform). Before that, I have to present a UML class diagram showing how I will organize and save all this information (for later putting in a database). So that’s why I’m looking for “a class diagram of UML class diagrams” :P…

Does anyone know where I can check such a diagram?

Thank you all for the attention :wink:

Hi Deadalus08,

I suggest you can take a look at the UML Specification v2.1.2 which covers all UML notation (of course, class is covered), and you can see examples of class diagram in the specification.
Please find the UML Specification v2.1.2 from OMG’s website:

Hope this helps.

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Lilian Wong

Thank you for the tip.

However, I’ve already done something based on text definitions and explanations, but I thought I could find somewhere a full designed diagram of it.

Has anyone ever seen such a diagram before?

Thank you all for the attention :wink: