Uml class diagram refactoring


My name is sana …I am student in uk. i am working on model refactoring.I am aplying different refactoring techniques on UML models…
I have some confusions regarding refactoring techniques.If any one can help me… :frowning:

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Hi Sana,

About the concept of refactoring on modelling level:

Extract Interface
This can be done by right click on the target subclass and select “Move/Copy Members…” to move the operation to interface (you have to manually remove the same operation from other subclass manually).

Encapsulate Field
This can be achieved easily by changing the visibility of the attribute and specify “getter” & “setter” checkbox inside the specification dialog.

Extract Subclass
This is similar to Extract Interface.

Check Attrubute
Can you provide more details about this technique?

Rename Attribute
This can be done visually in diagram by just changing the name of attribute.

Extract Method
Since the class diagram will not take care about your actual implementation, so adding new operation in model will only generating a new empty operation in code, without extract your comment implementation into it. You have to move the code manually.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong