UML - class for shape templates and for shape instances

Dear experts,
I work on a tool for engineering. I need to have class TemplateShape which describes objects and their parameters(unit of measure, interval, formula for calculation,…) of the shape type. These parameters are user-defined. I also need a class Shape which will represent objects of the specific shape with its specific numbers(eg. par1 15 mm,…, calculated volume,… ). How can I model that relation between TemplateShape and Template in UML? I will work with objects of both classes.
Thank you very much for your help,

It sounds like your “TemplateShape” is actually defining the class of Shape and you want to represent instances of this Shape class as objects.

I think you’re looking for an object diagram.

You define the Shape class with the associated attributes (“unit of measure, interval, formula for calculation,…”) then you would add objects that are an instantiation of Shape and specify the values (“par1 15 mm,…, calculated volume,…”).