UML design tool for c++


Im looking for a UML design tool that can generate C++ code from the classdesign.

Rational is a bit too expensive :wink: Do anyone know a good UML design tool that doesnt cost too much ?


Hi Zatang,

Thanks for your post. You can use our Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML)/Smart Development Environment (SDE) which supports full UML v2.1.2 and code generation for C++.

We support instant code generation (Instant Generator) in VP-UML/SDE Standard Edition or above, it is an one-off engineering that will overwrite all the code. Round-trip engineering for Visual C++ is supported in SDE for Visual Studio (SDE-VS) Professional Edition or above.
You can get more details of Instant Generator and round-trip engineering at the following links:

Also, you can refer to the link below for the product price:

If there is any further inquiry, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong