UML Profile Definition - I want to extend Visual Paradigm prebuilt Stereotypes

I’m currently creating new stereotypes for a profile definition in my application.
I want to create a new type of ORM Persistable Class with additional features and tagged values, but I also want to use the features of the ORM Persistable Stereotype, which are currently prebuilt my visual Paradigm, for example, I want the pane named ORM class detail to be available on my stereotype but including my new tagged values.

I could combine the two stereotypes, but it would be better for me to allow my new steroetype within my profile definition to extend the Visual Paradigm prebuilt stereotype.

Is there any way I can do it?

Hello cgmedina,

You can extend the functionality of ORM class by creating sub-class to ORM Persistable class (with ORM Implementation relationship). By doing this you can add extra attributes and custom method to it, and it will inherit the ORM capabilities from the parent ORM Persistable class. More details about using ORM Implementation can be found at the chapter 3 of the DB-VA’s Designer Guide

Best regards,