UML question

Hello all:
Uml question
a person registers in a conference.the registered person has name ,last name and category and schedule session that will take partin . his identificationcard has name ,last name and category and a unique barcode. should I consider two class :“Person” and “identification card” or just one class “Person” in domain model
Thank you very much for your attention.

Is there a reason to differentiate between the two? Can an identification card identify multiple people?

Hi seamoh,

If you use a combined class, I wouldn’t call it “Person” because in my opinion that’s confusing. I wouldn’t expect a person to have a barcode. You may call the combined class “Identity” or something.

Personally, I’d use two classes here, even if it’s not strictly necessary for “de-normalization”. Keeping a person and its identity card separate just seems more “natural” to me.