UML State Diagram - Transition activity

As far as I can see from UML 2.0 can a state transition have an activity.

In VP 6.1 (Build sp1_20071018) I can only add an activity to the states but not to the transition - as far as I can see.

Is this a missing feature or where can I find it?

Hi Jochen,

Are you talking about the “Effect” field?

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Seems to do the job.
What I can create now is a transition labeled “event : / activity”.

Fowler’s 3rd ed of “UML Distilled” shows in chapter 10 that the notation is supposed to be “event [condition] / activity”.

But I don’t want to nitpick, happy with the solution.


Hi Jochen,

You enter the condition to the Guard field in the Transition specification.

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