UML use cases - 1 use cases used by multiple other uses cases

I am trying to draw a use case diagram for a system but am wondering how to re-use some of the cases without making the diagram too messy and full of includes/extends.

For example, I have 4 use cases called:
Add Region;
Update Region;
Add sub-region;
Update sub-region.

Now, each of these use cases runs the same set of 3 use cases called:
Name regional element;
Select regional elements;
Save regional elements.

How do I go about indicating that these 3 use cases are included by the other 4 without having include arrows all over the digram. I thought of using a sub-system/system boundary but this doesn’t seem right somehow as they are all part of the same system ( a webpage).


Hi Anonymous,

For your case, I suggest using one diagram to show the relationship between Actors and the set of four use cases, and several other diagrams to show the include relationships between the set of 4 use cases and the set of 3 use cases.

For details, please read this page:

If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact me again.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll do it this way. I’m just surprised that there’s no way to reuse use-cases in UML. Perhaps there should be a way of “boxing off” a set of use cases that can be included by other controls.
However, I can see how it is made clearer by more diagrams explaiing the individual use cases and their includes.