Can a UML be used for a project for example cyber cafe check in/out system using or C# but the implementation do not applied the concept of OO where creating own classes.

UML can be (mis)used for anything,

especially there are some competitors which focus on modelling of business projects with UML,

so maybe there is a market,

although there are other graphical modelling languages to describe business processes, often linked with special proceedings and concepts.

And to work with these special proceedings, with software, the users use the special tools and NOT vice-versa. For example, there is a very well known proceeding to model business processes for SAP. If you want to use the proceeding, supported by software, you should use the (well known) software of the author of the proceeding. You MIGHT use any business modeling software, but if you use another, you can´t use the “genious” proceeding easily, as it “fits” with the software.

So in general on the level of use-cases, you can describe “anything” with it, but on the level of use cases,
its very easy to do the paint use cases,
but you don´t have “the code” by doing this,
so the REAL work is after you painted the use cases.

Use cases are not “the solution”, but the very first step to describe the requirements. They do not create code, nor do they depend on code generation or even software.

The same with activity / sequence diagrams, of course you can describe “protocols” or behavior of anything with it.
In fact, many diagrams, besides the class diagram, can be used with non-OO software too. A sequence diagram does NOT describe classes but the behaviour of objects, and you might map even a sequence diagram to describe the actions of a web server and a web client ( so no classes ).


Hi. I believe modularity is the most important thing in software development. Even when you are using a non-OO language, you still have to do modeling in which layered architecture and subsystems are designed. Sometimes, you have to map some graphic expression into specific style of code fragments. It’s OK if all the people understand the way it is. Hope this will help.