Unable to Adjust Max Memory Value from GUI

I’m using Visual Paradigm PE 12.0, and it seems that I cannot adjust the “Max Memory” value using the “Smart Approach” mentioned here:

With version 12.0, the “Max Memory” drop box is grayed out and unselectable, but using version 11.2 I am able to change this value.

I can still increase the max memory using the .vmoptions file, but I’d like to understand why I can’t do this through the user interface any more. Is there a directory or file where I need write permission enabled?

Thanks for your help.

Hi user,

Thank you for your post. I have forwarded your case to our team to study. When there is any news I will post here.

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Jick Yeung

This problem should be caused by the permission issue. If you are using MS Windows then please make sure you are starting Visual Paradigm by right click on the shortcut and select Run as Administrator. This will allow the software have proper permission to adjust the memory setting.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

I should have mentioned that I am using the Linux version of VP - sorry for the oversight on my part. The VP deployment on my computer is fairly restricted, so I don’t have write permissions to the Visual_Paradigm startup script. Is that required to change this value from the GUI?


Yes the write permission on the installation folder is necessary to adjust the memory setting. Once you got the permission you then will able to adjust the memory configuration.

Best regards,
Rain Wong