Unable to connect to sql server 2005

i m not able to connect to sql server 2005 using visual paradigm for UML tool. i have mentioned the server name (which happens to be a remote server), database name, username and password. The adapter has also been downloaded. however it gives an error when i test the connection. saying the remote server could not be found. please help

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Could you post a screenshot of the database configuration dialog box here? Thank you.

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Thanks for the prompt response. I have attached a file which contains the error message. Please have a look at it.

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Are you using Windows or Server authentication?

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I am using sql server authentication

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I doubt if the host name was entered correctly. Could you try with IP address, with correct port specified?

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Download the MSSQL2005 jar file from http://tinyurl.com/36vymd and unzip it. Put the folders somewhere logical to remember.

In the dialog box browse to the jar file called sqljdbc.jar

The host name should be the ip address of the server \ instance name (in my case\sqlexpress)

Database name is the database name…D’oh!

User and password are your own

I have used the above and it works every time - even from a mac going to SQL2005 so it should be easy from a windows box. As Jick states it is probably a DNS issue which is resolved by using the IP address.

You MUST also make sure that the SQL server is configured to connect over TCP/IP rather than named pipes or other protocols.