Unable to drop a CMMN 'Case Model Plan' onto a blank diagram

I have created a ‘Case Plan Task Item’ in a Case Model Plan. Part of setting the definition is to describe the ‘Case’ it refers to. In this instance I have selected ‘Create Case …’ from the drop-down, and created by new Case Model Plan.

However, I cannot then drop (drag-drop or otherwise add) this new Case onto the diagram, or onto a new diagram. Essentially I have a model element that I cannot present or add to any views. This is done in VP16.1, with a ‘Model’ not a ‘Package’.

Dear AJD,

Thank you for your post. Currently, we do not support visualizing the definition of a case on diagram. You can only visualize plan item. I will share your case with our engineers.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung