Unable to generate ORM Diagram from enterprise Object Framework

i cant seem to generate the diagram , is it possible to do it on the trial version ?

i followed these steps http://resource.visual-paradigm.com/mac/reverse_enterprise_object_framework_to_class_diagram_and_entity_relationship_diagram.html

am i doing something wrong or is it diferrent in 6.0 ?

thx !

hi Guilherme,

Please provide me with more information about the problem. What have you done? What is the problem? Any warning?

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nothing happens , i select the .eomodeled file and click ok and nothig happens

i go to tools object-reaction Mapping >Reverse enterprise framework
chose my .eomodeled file and nothing happens , here is a screenShot , i am working on a OSX.´

what i find odd is that is says reverse hibernate on top .

Picture 1.png

Hi Guilherme,

Could you send me the eom file? If you mind posting here, you can send me through our Ticket System:

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