Unable to open VP Online diagram

Hi Team,

Please help to check,
I receive the error when try to load my project in VP Online.

Last 3 days I’m still able to open it normally

Thank You


Same here. It was just fine last night. And today is my team’s deadline too.

If you need to just view the diagram, you can do so with inspect element. By deleting element with class “geDialog” and the white background element just above it. Then, find element with class “geDiagramContainer”, then find the first “g” element child and remove the “visibility:hidden” attribute. The diagram will display fully and scrollable. You cant interact or use any other function though.

I hope this will be resolved quickly.

Edit: Just found out that I can just download a diagram from the diagram list (grid, actually) by just right clicking and choosing “Save image as”. Those preview images are actually svg.

Is there any way to edit VP online diagram in VP desktop?

Edit: found some links:

Unfortunately most of my diagrams arent supported :confused:
Even business process diagram that was said to “Support import from web to VP Client” from the first link I attached cant be imported (import button not clickable). Is it because I’m using community edition?

Edit: Yes, it is.

Sorry, we found this critical issue after the deployment at this morning.

Our engineer had identified the cause and being fixed.
We will rollout asap.


We just deployed the fix in production.

Once again I’m sorry for any inconvenience this problem caused you.


I’ve still got the problem

I think this is related to browser cache.
Please try to refresh the page completely or clear the browser cache .

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