Unable to open VPP files


We initially had Visual Paradigm licensed product in the company using which VPP files were created for various applications usecase and flow diagrams. The license is not available anymore. When we tried to open the VPP files in online-visual-paradigm it throws an error “Error loading file : Not a diagram file (error on line 1 at column 1: Document is empty)”.
Is there any way to retrieve the content of the VPP files? Appreciate the response in advance.

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Sudhamsh Rao Ch.

Hi Sudhamsh,

You cannot open a .vpp file with VP Online since a VP Desktop project file (.vpp) and VP Online diagram file (.vpd) is in different format and is not currently compatible with each other. I suggest you to purchase a license, either by subscription or perpetual depend on your usage and/or budget. More about Visual Paradigm pricing at:


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Thanks for the response Antony!
We just need the vpp files to be opened and converted to .visio format and pdf format.
It is a one time requirement.
Can this be done with subscription license of 1 month and un-subscribe after the one time usage?
Which among Modeler, Standard, Professional, Enterprise license is the least required to perform this activity?

Appreciate your response,

Hi Sudhamsh,

Based on your need, the edition you need depends on the type of diagrams that you want to export. Different editions support different diagram types. For details, please read:

And please note that we support exporting diagrams to PDF but not Visio.

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Jick Yeung