Unattended installation of VP Suite 4.0 SP1 and automatic addition of keys

I’m trying to install the Windows version of VP suite 4.0 SP1 silently to large number of machines. (we have license for UML 7 and eclipse, netbeans and vs plugins in form of four zvpl license files, which are not floating licenses). The installation is successful by using -q switch and the install_config.xml file provided in http://forums.visual-paradigm.com/posts/list/2947.html
The installation is performed from the share which contains the installation binary + the license files and after the deployment process is disconnected and users don’t have access to it.
When user starts any of the included products they are presented with license manager claiming there are no liceses and asked to add the license manually.
My question is:
How can i add the licenses automatically during the unattended installation process such that whenever any user on that machine starts any of the licensed products the keys are present, or after the installation do i need to modify/add any config files such that the licenses are present for every user logging into that machine?
There is very little documentation regarding silent installations so im a bit lost



Hi Luk,

Thanks for your post. If you place the license key in the same directory of the installer when run unattended (silent) installation, the license key will be imported automatically.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong