Underline some but not all Lifelinks in a Communication Diagram

From my understanding, while creating a communication diagram, the lifelinks that need to be underlined are those who are instances, but not all lifelinks are instances. The only option i’ve seen is to underline them all, or underline those with a classifier, but that options doesnt seem to be working for me, not sure why. How does it work? Or is there any other way to force the underline on the text inside a lfielink? Because i havent found a way, and i need to deliver the diagram to my teacher in only a few days.


We are sorry for the problem you got.
However, in our testing environment,
LifeLine Display Options is working without any problem.

Could you clarify you are drawing LifeLine in your Communication Diagram?

Besides, LifeLine extends NamedElement but not InstanceSpecification
InstanceSpecification need to be underlined
but NamedElement is not necessary to be underlined

Thank you for using Visual Paradigm.