Update plugins automatically using vp update service

Hi guys,
As you know we have to replace the old plugin files by the new one in the plugins folder every time we change the plugin source.This process can be boring if you have a lots of users in different servers that use that plugin because you have to do a copy/paste action for each user separately.I know i can write a simple plugin for doing this action automatically by using a share path between all users but i want to know if its possible to use vp update service for updating plugins too.
Thanks in advance

Sorry, it is not supported now.

Now, you have some VP clients, and some of them may installed some of your plugin(s).

I think we can solve your problem by following:

  1. You prepare your shared folder, which is a folder, contains your plugins.
    After you updated your plugin, place your updated plugins into the shared folder.
  2. In your clients’ VP installation dir, create a file to specify the location of your shared folder,
    and make sure, your clients can access the shared folder.
  3. Then, on your clients’ VP Update, we may check what plugin(s) is installed in this VP client, and is it supported in your shared folder. If yes, VP Update will download the plugin(s) from shared folder and update yours clients’ plugins.

Is it ok? if yes, we will support it in the future.