Updating VP-UML model from eclipse doesn't update Class Diagram

Hi folks,

I’m evaluating VP-UML 6.2 (Professional Edition) with Eclipse integration. I’ve successfully generate the VP-UML model from an existing eclipse project, and generated a class diagram from some classes.

After adding some new attributes to one of this classes, and performing the VP-UML model update from eclipse, I’m able to see the addtion of the new attributes on Model Explorer, and also on Class Explorer, but not in the previous generated Class Diagram.

Is this a bug? How can I overcome this?

Thanks in advance,

You may need to click the fit size icon in the shape. Please see the second screen shot.

Or you can make the whole diagram auto fit size but set “Auto Fit Size” in diagram popup. Please see the first screen shot



Thanks Angus, it worked.

Sorry about the silly question.

Best regards,