Upgrade from evaluation still produces watermark on reporting

I’ve upgraded my VP3.1 from evaluation to standard with a valid license key.
However, all projects (new and existing) still contain the evaluation copy watermark on report generation, although the watermark isn’t there on normal printing.

I’ve tried uninstalling the application, I’ve hacked VP out of my registry as much as I can and I’ve removed all .vp* directories and files from my userprofile (I’ve also check Admin userprofile and there is nothing obvious there). However, re-installing still gives me the same problem.

I should add that during evaluation, I attempted to create more than a single diagram per model type, which was why I originally received the watermark.

What can I do to get rid of this?

Dear jonf,

Could you mind telling me what edition of VP-UML that you are using? The report generation features are only supported from Standard Edition or above. Please refer to the VP-UML Feature List for more information: http://www.visual-paradigm.com/product/vpuml/vpumlfeaturecomparison.jsp.
If you are using the Standard Edition or above but still experience the problem, please let me know.

Also, please note that when you upgrading your license, please make sure you have removed the evaluation key from the license key manager.

Best regards,

Hi Rain,

Version 3.1. License is for Standard Edition and otherwise gives me standard edition features e.g. printing without the watermark and many diagrams for digram type.

I only have a single key in license manager for product “Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition”. I deleted the original .vpl community edition file that was placed automatically in my userprofile.

Thanks again… Jon

Sorry… forum logged me out without me realizing. Anyway, build is 20040414a, if that is helpful.

Dear jonf,

Can you send me the email address that you made the purchase? You can send to my email address: rain@visual-paradigm.com.

Best regards,