Urgent - lost my changes


When I have opened my idea after SDE EE-JJ installation, it has opened SDE EE-JJ also.  After that i have started creating diagrams since couple of days and in between i am clicking on save button. Actually i am not sure what this does. But what happened was my computer got rebooted due to windows automatic updates.  After the computer got rebooted i have opened idea, but the SDE is not started automatically. Then I have started SDE with start SDE option from tools.  Now, I can not find my diagrams back. So i how do i get all of my diagrams back?  Help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks a bunch.



Hello Lakshmi,

Thank you for your message. Actually you can find the save button under File > Save SDE-IJ Project. This menu is specific for saving the UML models. Although your machine was reboot automatically, but you may still able to restore some of your work through the auto backup (by default backup per 10 minutes). Can you try go to %user_home%/.sdeijworkspace/.vpprefdata folder and see is there a file call “.autoSaveProject”? If this file exist, you can simply copy this file to the “vpproject” folder inside your IntelliJ IDEA project, and rename it to appropriate name (i.e. %project_name%.vpp). After restart IntelliJ IDEA and SDE, your works will be restored. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,