Use case complexity ans user goal list


I was wondering where would be a good place to enter use-case complexity so it could be compared alongside use-case priority in the reports.

Also, if I wanted to have a user goal list before starting writing use cases, should I build a draft Use-case diagram, or is there somewhere else I can enter this information?

Thanks, jG

Hi again Jean-Guy,

I am sorry, we do not support specifying use case complexity at this moment. But I think you may consider specify this with taggedValue or stereotype. I also passed your suggestion to our development team for further consideration.

Regarding your second question, I agree with your idea to use a draft diagram to list out the goals. You may also use the Textual Analysis for documenting the goal list if you consider a textual presentation is more easy to read.

Best Regards,

Hi Jick,

I’ll check out the Textual Analysis to see if it works for me. If not, I’ll use a draft.

Thanks again for your time.