Use case description not being generated

When generating a pdf (or html) report from my project. The use case description isn’t including the standard items from the use case description. It only includes the items I add manually. None of the actor or system responses are shown, name, etc.
The attached shows this as I have manually added the actors, alternatives and Id lines.

It appears that what actually happened was that all the standard items in the use case description dialogue box were not saved. Only the new manually added ones were.
However, I have a new problem with the generated document (pdf) in that the items for the use case description don’t preserve the ordering as shown on screen. They reorder with the manually added items at the top and the template items at the bottom.

Dear conrad.crampton

By default, the empty items in use case description will not be generated. I

Thanks for the reply - I don’t know how the items that I filled in went missing - it may have been when I was looking at other options to fill in.
This doesn’t appear to have happened again so I will put this down to user error.

Is the ordering of the items in the report a bug - if so, can I get the next deploy as my documentation is obviously all screwed if the items appear out of order e.g I have a new item of alternatives for the process flow which should appear at the bottom underneath the processes and not before it as it does now. I have only just started using this software although we bought our 6 licences in February.


Dear Conrad

Have you tried to swap the use case description template? All the data will be removed after you swap the use case description template.

For the items order issue, I’ve discussed your situation with my manager and he approved we will send you a patch after this problem was being fixed.Can you send me your email address to so that we can contact you for getting the patch?

Best Regards