Use case description

I am currently evaluating the Visual Paradigm and I have a question about the use case description tab in the use case specification dialog. Both templates (main and alternative) only allow for one Flow of events. The problem is that in our organization we have adopted a use case format that list the alternate flow independently from the main flow. I tried to add a second Flow of events and label it alternate flow but I could not get the two-column table which I find very useful.

Any known work arounds for this situation.


Hi Elie,

Sorry, I have no answer to your question, I want just to mention that we have the same problem and that it’s really irritating .
The only possible work around is to create a new item in the description but in free text.
(we use the version 3.0)

Yes, currently use case description can only allow the adding of new item in free text. We will consider the adding of other items. Thanks.


I’d like to second this suggestion. The way data flow is handled at the moment it’s useless to me and that’s a shame, because I think it could be a great feature.