Use Case description

Iam trying to use the tool and is good with features. I noiced that we are able to give the text for the use case as we wished. Here are some of the queries that i wanted to ask

  1. In Use Case specification --> Use case description … we are able to specify our own text for the corresponding use case. We also have option to add a item into that. once i have added the item and by mistake i have given wrong name. so i thought of coming back and changing the name but the tool does not allow me to do so. I have to delete and recreate the item. Is there any way to over come this.

  2. In the same screen we also have some thing called available template which consist of main and alternative is there any provision to edit those template or have provision to add our own (customized) template. if so how could we configure?

  3. Is there any possibility to provide a link in the discription. say when am entering a description in this screen i may have a link to some other use case . How is it possible using the tool to specify a link to another use case

I have one more problem.

In the when i try to genarte HTML report on the use case am not getting the use case description in the order which is getting displayed? is it abug pls reply immediately .

It would be nice if i get a quick response so that i can go ahead on my decision

Hi H ARvind,

Can you tell me which version of VP-UML you are using? The HTML report problem is fixed since the new version of VP-UML. You are welcome to download new version of VP-UML.
The first problem of the user case description is relative to our model. We are pleaed to listen to your comment. We know these problem and we will fix it in the future.


Oh so the version am using is a old one ok leme download the new one and try it. Thanks for giving me the information.

The Link in the description might be very usefull because in the description when we specify there might come a chance where we have to refer some other use case as a reference thats the reason i had asked for. Thank you for considering my problem. If this feature is included it will be really help full not only for us even for many of them. Do let us know the approx period when next release will evolve and wether the suggestion will be included


The latest version is 3.1 which is available for download in our web side. : )
This is no way to define custom template in the current version. And the description cannot specifying a link. I am sorry for that. But your comment is very useful to us. I will send your problem to our development team.


Hi whitehole,

First of all i thank u for giving a quick response.

Am using Version 3.0 (Build 20040108b) of VP-UML.  I have attached the  screen short of about dialog of the VP-UML which i use.

Could u pls let me know the information about the new version. Am i using the latest??

How about specifying the link in my description part? and is there any way by which i can define a template for the description. Because we have a defined template for use case description. I want to have the similar description format for all use case which i create using this tool, is there any way by which i can define the description template

Waiting for response


We plan the new major release will be launch in the second session.

What is the second session? Second quarter of the year? Second half?

John Beattle

It is in the middle of this year.


In my opinion, use case is about describing the user and system interaction. Therefore, the capability of writing text is important. The current use case feature (v3.1) only allows user to include a description at the use case level. The flow event is mainly to capture message flow and it even generates a sequence diagram but there is no much value. I prefer to add descriptive text in the event flow.

  1. to reference to an external file (e.g. text or MS Word) and ensure that report generation includes these files.
  2. allow user to create his own use case template.

ctw thank you your suggestions.
Actually, you can reference an external file into a use case.

  1. Open specification of the use case
  2. Select the “Files” tab
    then you can add external files to that use case. The generated report include the file path of the referenced external files.