Use Case diagram

guys, I have to do an assignment and I need some advices. Herewith I have attached the most important part of the assignment where actors and processes have to be identified.

Problem description

New system requirements

• The new system must provide a quick, efficient service. CBC should be able to ship a customer’s order by the
fastest, most efficient means possible (e.g. parcel force, DHL).
• An electronic interface, such as the Web, would be a popular method of ordering/querying an order for some
customers. Where customers do not have Web access, they must be given the same service via telesales staff
at CBC.
• The new order-processing system must be able to track the order from the time it is received until all cleaning
products ordered are despatched. Customers with Web access must be able to view the status of their own
orders. Non-Web customers must be able to easily query the status of their orders via the telesales staff. A
customer must be able to cancel an order if that order has not yet been sent for shipping.
• The system must notify the shipping agent (e.g. Parcel force/DHL) as soon as the order is fulfilled and ready for
• Reordering of cleaning products from the manufacturers must be an automated process. Pre-defined reorder
levels should automatically trigger purchase orders to the chemical manufacturers.

Placing an order

CBC envisages that ordering via the Web will follow the format used by many successful e-commerce sites: A valid
customer id will be required. Customers will be able to browse the on-line catalogue and select
products/quantities. Once the product selection is complete, the customer will be advised of the final cost of the
order and any unobtainable products. He/she will then be asked to select a delivery method (next day, three days
or 1 week) and the final order cost calculated. If the customer agrees to this, the order will be confirmed and an
order number given.
A similar process will be followed for telephone sales.

Querying an order

In order to query the status of an order, the customer will need to know his/her customer id. From this, all
outstanding orders may be found. The system must show for a particular order, which products have been
despatched, which are in the process of being despatched and which (if any) are unobtainable. The query must also
show the shipping agent used and the type of delivery (1 day, 3 day, and 1 week).
If order queries are made to telesales staff, a similar process must be followed on-line and the information
conveyed to the customer verbally.

I can identify few actors and use cases here. What do you guys think about the facts I have put here in red texts ? Can you find any use cases from them? If you can, who are the actors of those use cases ?

Any advice and support will be very highly appreciated.

Many thanks

I highly recommend that you consult with fellow students or teaching assistants with assignments but here’s my advice: your use cases should address every requirement stated.

So yes, the requirements in red will need to be addressed and the associated use cases will indeed have an actor associated with them as well. You have some freedom in describing system behaviour. Start with what you have now and evaluate whether your system addresses all the requirements. If not, then you’ll need to make some tweaks.