Use Case Diagram

I would really appreciate if some one can help me with coming up with a Use Case Diagram for the following scenario…

Command and Control System (CCS)
The CCS is the commander and battle staff for the Battle Robot. Via the Communication Pack, the Command and Control System receives operations orders from Brigade HQ, analyses available intelligence on the terrain and enemy, develops its battle plans, plans its deployment and patrol routes, executes its mission, assesses any reductions to its battle capability, and conducts self- maintenance. With each engagement of the enemy, the CCS learns, increases its lethality, and improves its survivability.

The Battle Robots extraordinary fighting prowess stems from the synergetic relationship between its CCS and Combat System. The CCS develops its battle plans by ‘discussing’ battle tactics with the Combat System. At the start of the engagement of the enemy, the CCS hands over tactical command to the Combat System, which then controls the Main Weapon Pack, Defensive Measure Pack, to engage and destroy the enemy.

While the Combat System is occupied with tactics, the CCS monitors the battle, continually assessing the effectiveness of the engagements, and the amount of battle damage sustained. Once it has decided that the tactical objectives have been achieved, or that its battle capability has fallen below a minimum sustainable level, the CCS orders the Combat System to disengage from the enemy, and it takes back control of the Battle Robot.

An additional feature for survivability is that, if the CCS is rendered inoperative, the Combat System can assume effective command of the Battle Robot for a short period of time.

The CCS is in full control of the Communication Pack and the Power System.

Thanks in advance.