Use Case Packages


I am new here, I am currently undetaking a 3rd year dissertation for the construction of a web site. I am drawing my use case diagrams. I have a few questions:

Firstly, can use cases be drawn in levels. I.e. a high level use case, then lower levels.

Secondly, if i create lots of lower level use case diagrams i.e. outlining specific tasks, can these be placed in packages to show the high level use case?

Thanks very much


it depends on, what you mean with “low level” and “high level”?
If you mean details = low level and abstract = high level, than you can define relation between your use cases:

  • include
  • extend
  • inheritance

like classes, but just don’t go so much into details for presenting use cases :?


Use Cases are used just to specify requirements for a system behavior, I don’t think you can use it for low level.