Use case - sub diagrams

I have 19 use cases. When I try and attach a sub-diagram to a use case by selecting Add An Existing Diagram, only 16 of the 19 are presented to me. And of course I want the 3 that are missing from the lsit. Any idea what’s going on? Help would be appreciated.

hi Paul,
Do you have 19 use case diagrams or 19 use cases?

19 use case diagrams. The odd thing is that when I try and add a sub-diagram I am only offered the 16 but when I try and print a use case, it allows me to print any of the 19.

If and when this problem occurred, the only way I could get around it was to:

  1. create a new use case. Leave the default name.
  2. go to higher level use case and make the attachment (sub-diagram) to the new use case (default name).
  3. put the details in the default use case diagram.
  4. go back and rename the default use case name to the name you wanted in the first place.

I found that if I created a new use case it was then visible in the add new diagram section of the sub-diagram. As soon as I renamed the diagram to a name I wanted it all of a sudden would not be available in the attach existing diagram sub menu. Hence, attaching before I renamed.

Not sure if the problem is with the use case I am attaching to or the use case I was attaching from. Anyway, I have a work around now.

I probably wouldn’t have encountered this problem if I had selected Sub Diagram from a use case -> Use Case Diagram -> Create Use Case Diagram instead of attaching an existing diagram.

Hi Paul,
I think this is not a problem. First of all, an use case cannot add sub-diagram that its belongs to. Another constraint is an use case cannot add diagram that upper level of sub-diagram.
Can I answer your question?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime.

Great solution. Thanks! It worked for me!


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