Use Cases: Add Item in UC Description


if I add an item in the UC description, I have to redo this for each UC I’m writing. As we have to add quite a lot of items (and we have to translate every single item into German), this is not feasible.

Is there a way to copy a UC including the description fields? In a way that I have 2 independent Use Cases afterwards?

What is the status on the possibility to create custom templates instead of “Main” and “Alternative”? I have seen quite a lot of messages on this forum on this, however I would like to know if this will be implemented soon.

We have to decide these days if we are going to write use cases in VP or in Word. I would like to use VP, but with the current UC-description-item-related-features this seems impossible.

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We have the same problem here on our site!
Dose any one have a good solution for this??




We are also facing the same problem. Has anyone figured out any good workaround to this problem?