[Use cases diagram] Association between two use cases


I am trying to modelize an enterprise library.
Let’s focus on the use cases diagram and the searching of a book.

Suppose we have a use cases diagram which contains (among other things) the following use cases:

  • Search_a_book
  • Search_by_title
  • Search_by_authors
  • Search_by_keywords
  • Search_by_summary
    There also exists associations between:
  • Search_a_book and Search_by_title
  • Search_a_book and Search_by_authors
  • Search_a_book and Search_by_keywords
  • Search_a_book and Search_by_summary
    with multiplicities 1 (left side) and 0…* (right side).

The questions I want to ask are the following:
[b]- What is the meaning of an association between two uses cases?

  • If we consider that each time we have a use case, we have an interface (for instance a graphical interface)
    how do you explain my example’s associations?
    Thanks in advance for your help :wink: .