Use cases <--> Sequence diagrams <--> use case diagrams

I am a software engineering student experimenting with this software (among others) on a project. I have already looked through the help and googled this to no avail.

I have several use cases (blue ovals) defined with a full description. What I want to do is to generate sequence diagram and use case diagram “views” for each of them, where each of the three artifacts are kept up to date with each other automatically. Preferably, this would be done in a batch form: Right click on /UML Diagrams/Use Case Diagram, select “Generate Views”, and there’d be a window with several checkboxes of compatible views.

The only way I have found to generate sequence diagrams from use cases is to select the use cases one by one and create a one-time clone. I still cannot find the one-time generation of a use case diagram.

Perhaps there is a different version of this program that I have to use for this functionality? I am using VP-UML 6.1.


I cannot order the use cases for report generation by name. Use Case Scheduling shows me the ordering and I can only sort them by priority.