Use of embedded database for productive environment


the teamwork server documentation tells me that it is not recommeded to use embedded database in production because of limitations.
Can you tell me what are the limitations ?
We have only around 8-10 users ( max 8 parallel ) does the statement below from the documentation also holds for such a small production environment ?

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Note extracted from documentation
If you do not have a database available and if you just want to run Teamwork Server for evaluation, you may select Embedded DB as
database, which is a ready-to-use database managemnet system built into the server. In other words, no additional database setup
has to be made by choosing Embedded DB. However, it is NOT recommended to use Embedded DB for production purpose due to its
genuine limitations.


We are just getting ready to upgrade and would like to know what the genuine limitations of using the embedded server are? Can you please give us some detail on what the db is used for and why it would suffer from being embedded? How busy can we expect this DB to be?

The embedded database is simply an standalone database running inside VP Server. There is no major performance or scale limitation on it. But when using embedded database, the database must run inside VP Server, that means VP Server and database need to run on the same machine. While using external database can split the VP Server and database into different machines, thus gaining performance benefit.

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