Usecase diagrams for pages!

hi frineds,
i am project trainee in a software company…and i am working in a avionics work is to put usecases for pages displayed in
the pilot display unit.can anyone help me to draw usecase for those pages
thank u

Well two type of diagrams come to mind.

First the UseCase one. Define the actors on it and the process that displays the pages. For each process that requires a page you create a use case.

Eg. check if wings are on the plane. Check feul etc. if there are more than one checks in these two than make them a use case.

Once you have all the pages you might want to define the content of those pages in ClassDiagrams. I assume that the pages have some sort of question on it that has to be answered with yes or no. These are conditions etc.

Anyway this is how I would start it out.

Use cases themselves leave too much details in text. But you may describe the dynamic aspects more formal. UML and VP give you this ability.
For example, read this.