User-Intrerface to Image - Antialiasing


there seems to be a problem with the “Export to Image” function in combination with user-interface diagrams. If you export them to picture with the standard export they all look ugly and stepped.
As workaround I use the Windows-Snipping Tool to get way better looking images.

With other diagram types there seems to be no problem.

Florian Zedler

Hi Florian,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce your case. I am attaching an image to show you our result. Could you attach a sample project for us to study?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Are there any settings to configure the image processing on diagram level?

I will see if I can build a sample project, unfortunately I can’t send you the current project :wink:

The only configurable option is the DPI setting you can set right before exporting but that does not seem to be relevant to your case.

And it would be great if you can send us a sample project - one that contains only a User Interface and problem shape.

Hello @Jick ,

I am back from my vacation and wanted to attach the project with two examples today. Unfortunately I can’t append an attachment. Can you give me the appropriate authorization?

Hi fzedler,

You can send to and include the link to this post in the email.

Best Regards,