User type

Hi All,

I have a questions about ‘User types’ in ERD´s and the class synchronization.

Is it possible, that my User type of a column in a ERD is shown as a data type in my synchronized class diagram?
For example:
I have a column in a ERD whose data type is ‘int’ and whose User type is ‘years’. So when I synchronize it to a class diagram the data type of the affiliated column in the class diagram shall be ‘years’.
I added the data type ‘years’ to the language Java and said that ‘years’ is referenced by ‘int’. But after the sychronization the data type of the column is ‘int’ and i have to choose ‘years’ manual.

So what do I need to do that this works automatically? Or is it not possible to enter in the field ‘User type’ of the column specification what I want?

Thanks in advance…