Using ETL to summarize diagram details

Hello All,
We create a BPMN model of all BP we have in our organization, all details and many information are there and in many cases information record by tools available in Specification of model elements, which are not visualize.
We find ETL very useful to show more details of diagrams and model in one view. in one case I want to show all Tasks / subprocesses that are in relation with one task. I can display it by choosing Message Flow or Sequence Flow from ETL configure columns form. but there is no difference between relation which Start from current task / sub process and relation which Ends to current task.
Is there way to dived these 2 types in to 2 different columns?

Thanks, it is a good suggestion to divide the from/to relationships on a column.
But, we need a better design on how to let you configure it in the UI.

PS: besides From/To, I think someone may also like to filter the relationships with other conditions.
e.g. with specified <<stereotype>>

I will post the news here, when we have the decision. Please wait… :wink:

Thank you for your reply.
First, I think the person who ask for filter on stereotypes was me also :wink: I sent my request about 2 months ago to support, but it was for References not relationships.
About Stereotypes filter:
in many cases, we add references to User cases or actors with different stereotypes, and in ETL we need to show each stereotypes in separate column.
I find a way for that and use Properties instead of References and then I can select which property display in which column. but still if it possible to filter by <> it is perfect ( but in References not in Relationship)
But From/ To may help us about relationships information and dependencies.

My Suggestion about adding filtering is in ( Selected Columns) if an extra columns ( caption, name , filter) can be added may help to filter data base on some condition (similar to what you have on Model Element selection condition )

Thank you for your support.