Using logical columns in entities

I am currently using VP to design an ER model for an application framework, that uses a proprietary metadata repository. To keep my model consistent, I want to use logical columns in my entities, which should not be generated using DDL. For example:
If I model an object product, which should have a multilingual title (stored in the repository of the framework) and other columns, stored in a traditional table (e.g.: article number, goods group etc.), the approach would be as follows:

create table product (productID int not null, article_no bigint not null, goods_group varchar(255) null) primary key (productID)

–> Column title does not appear in the physical table.

But in VP, I want to document the metadata column correctly, so the entity should consist of the following columns:
productId int not null
title (only logical, no DDL generation)
article_no bigint not null
goods_group varchar(255) null

Any ideas, how to perform this?