Using VP-UML for game project

Hi all,

I’m new to VP-UML but seasoned in OOP since my first langage was Pascal UCSD & I evolved all the way through, up to the infernal trio of VB6, Delphi & VB.Net ^-^

Now I’ve downloaded free VP-UML Community Edition, which is “the best tool to learn UML”. The goal is to make a classes diagram for my personnal space-simulation game project…

I already tested some algos and structure elements in non-OOP VB6 testbed. I’ve got a quite coherent GDD, the app’s general layout and a global architecture from lessons learned on the testbed. I use TV3D as the game graphics engine. I would like to translate my structure in UML using VP before coding. At the same time I would like to learn using UML as this can also be useful for my job. As an OOP coder I think best to begin w/ classes, then extend up and down to the other diagrams.

So the final question : what advice can u give me to help me prevent losing time and brain effort ^-^ Thanks a lot for any hint !