Usupported C++11 syntax (default|deleted) during C++ round-trip


VP c++ round-trip does not supprt C++11 systax for contructors:

class_name() = delete;
class_name() = default;

and for destructors:

~class-name() = delete;
~class-name() = default;

This does also go further to the C++20 default operators:

return-type class-name::operator op(const class-name &) const& = default;

The code looks like this:


The error returned looks like this:

Hi Sense,

Your post has been forwarded to our team for further studying. I will post again when there is any news.

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Jick Yeung

Hi Jick,

is there any time horizont set to solve this issue ?

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Sorry for the delay. I’m sorry that currently our round-trip engine not yet support C++ 11 syntax. We will consider to support them in our future release. Currently our C++ Instant Reverse feature partially support C++ 11 syntax and you may consider to use this to reverse your source code into model. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Thank You for the information

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