Validate Model failed due to "Data types not initialized"


Thank you for the great work in VP/Eclipse integration.
It is generally good, however I face some problems that all seem to be related to the fact that it does not load the native types (nor the java.lang ones).
Here is the description of one of my problems:

Validate Model would not work:
When I try to validate my model, It only shows a “Model checking started” then does not do anything.
I searched and found the log file (vp.log) and found that there are many errors there: basically it does not find the data types, nor the “model checker” (see the attached log file extract)

My guess is that it is related to another error that appear: “Data types are not initialized”

Product: SDE-EC 1.0
Build: 20040108a
Platform: WinXP, Eclipse 2.1 (it did not work on 3M6 :frowning: )

-> should I post a bug report as I may not guess correctly here?

Thank you in advance,


I am seeing the same error in Eclipse3.07M is there any fix for this