VB code to UML


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I am trying to rewrite an application orignally written in VB 6.0 to C#. As part of this I am now trying to build UML model of the VB application. Does Visual Paradigm support reverse engineering of VB code to UML class diagram?. Will that generated all the associations,generalisations etcc… for the class diagram?. How easy is it to use that?. I would appreciate any help regarding this.

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Dheeraj Reddy.

Hi Dheeraj,

As far as I know, Visual Basic is not object oriented and VP-UML will not be able to perform the reverse engineering of VB code.

VB.NET however, is a different case.

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You could try using Rational Rose (IBM provides an eval version). Use Rose to reverse engineer your VB6 application. Get hold of the Unisys XMI addin (form IBM website). Export the Rose model to XMI.

Then Import into VP, and forward engineer into a nice shiny new VB.Net

Would like to know how you got on with this task.

:wink: Bet you’d really like some action semantic Import / Export, save on the retyping.

??? Doesn’t Microsoft come with a tool to convert VB6 projects into VB .Net ( a VB .Net Resource Kit I’m sure flopped on me desk at some point last year


Hi Dheeraj,

try WithClass (a UML tool that works with VB 6.0)