Team Work use CVS o SVN control version ?
Or is posibility configuration this control version system ?

P/D: sorry, my english is bad.

Hi Marcelo,

With our Teamwork Server, you can still use your own CVS or SVN. But CVS and SVN can only treat our project file as a resource file (like binary image file) and can only keep versions since they know nothing about our project file, and it cannot perform conflict resoltion & detection.

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Please I’d like to understand if the Teamwork Server offers substuntial advantages over Subversion, and which one.
My company already has a Subversion Server, and we’d like not to add another versioning system, as long as it is not really necessary.

Are there any limitations with Subversion about collaboratively working on the same UML project? Maybe Teamwork Server offers more powerful tools to understand how to solve conflicts?

As far as I understand, Teamwork Server and Subversion appear to be very similar.

Thank you in advance!
Vito Meuli

Hello Vito,

Actually Teamwork Server, CVS integration and SVN integration are very similar, as you spotted. CVS and SVN can be hard to learn. With our Teamwork Server, you can enjoy easy installation and easy administration - You just need to run the installer and follow the instruction on the screen to complete the installation and administration. You no need to have knowledge about any kind of versioning system.

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Thank you very much, Jick.
My shopping list is almost complete now.
We have to decide only about maintenance and floating or single seat licenses.

Keep doing the good work!
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Hello Vito,

Thank you for your interest in Visual Paradigm’s products. If you have questions about maintenance or different licensing options, please feel free to let us know.

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