Very low Visual Paradigm performance in Wireflow Diagram


We want to use Wireflow Diagram implemented in Visual Paradigm to present the visual flow of some application screens. We want to achieve something like Overflow app. Off course it is possible, but… This works well as long as we use components from VP itself. It stops working when we add screens from an external application. Adding a screenshot in the mockups (wireframes) drastically slows down the entire application and causes the application is not responding, freezing, slowing down, etc… Off course in main Wireflow Diagram screen in VP. Visual Paradigm slows down to such an extent that it makes impossible to work. Not to mention any comfort. We don’t know what is the cause. Are these problems on the side of the application itself or maybe the server. After adding 7 or 8 mockups (plus external screenshots), they do not even appear on the screen of Wireflow Diagram (we have blank spots). Screenshots (JPG, PNG) are quite small. Below 1MB. Wireflow Diagram was tested on 15.2 and 16.1 VP app version and the newest available build. In my opinion there’s no difference in performance. Sometimes it reaches 100% CPU load and 2,5GB RAM! (I allocated 3GB of RAM in VP).

I found hundreds of such entries in the vp.log file:
[2020/06/30 07:27:20] [message] Graphics2D from BufferedImage lacks BUFFERED_IMAGE hint

Some forums suggest that this is a problem with vector graphics caching and java:
This is caused when a Graphics2D from a buffered image is passed
into the ‘paint’ methods of the GVT tree. It exists because in
JDK 1.2 & 1.3 (haven’t tested 1.4 or 1.5) essentially all
BufferedImages returned the same GraphicsDevice.
I have latest java -

Is there any way to increase Wireflow Diagram performance? Off course. Wireframes must be extended by external screenshots.
And an additional question. Are you considering adding automatic file import from UI / UX applications such as Axure or Sketch?

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Hi JarekS,

We need to know your actual usage in order to enhance performance.
Could you send us your project file(s) for further investigate.
Please send them to: and include the link to this post in the email.

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