"views" in physical ER model

I’m looking for more detail about the best way to use the “view” in and ER model. I understand how to create one on a diagram and add columns to it. However, I’m not sure how to make the model understand that the columns are derived from other entities (tables). There isn’t a lot in the documentation - that I can find - that give much detail about views. Wondering if there was more information or examples available somewhere.


Hello Peter,

For the moment the view in ERD is mainly for modeling and ORM code generation purpose. There is no direct relation between the column you defined in view with the column in the referenced entities. You can model the view and define the create statement in the specification dialog, and it will be generated to DDL for database creation. And when you generate ORM source code, the View will also generate as a class to help you to retrieve the data as object (but in read only mode).

Best regards,
Rain Wong