Visio import to specific package

I am importing a series of Visio diagrams into Visual Paradigm. The import process works as the help file say it does. However, the elements and diagrams are all imported to the top level of the VP Model. I would like to import the data directly to a Package.

The import brings in multiple diagrams and hundreds of elements, so manually transferring the imported data to the package is inconvenient and time-consuming - and prone to human error!’

How do I import directly to a Package?

Sorry for late reply, and I am sorry that, it is not supported in importing visio.

But you can categorize your diagram & model elements by adding your diagram as your package’s sub-diagram.

  1. There are some diagrams imported from Visio.

  2. Create your package, and add existing diagram(s) as its sub-diagram.

  3. (Optional) You may use a Grid to manage your packages

  4. Diagrams and their model elements are categorized after added as sub diagram.