Visio Plugin

Hello !

I have another problem.

When trying to install the Visio plugin, it tells me to have the .NET Framework 1.1.4322 isntalled.

But I think I have a never version ( because I recently installed MS Visual Studio 2008 ) so it should work, should’t it?

I tried installing some other .NET Version, but my system said, I had a newer version, so I can’t be installed (it began the installation, but encoutered an error because of another version)

So what is the solution for that?


HI nfinity,

Sorry about the problem. We are now investigating this problem, and will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Hi nfinity,

Just sent an Email to you about this issue. Please check your inbox.

Feel free to let me know if there are any questions.

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I have got the same problem than nfinity (Microsoft .Net 3.0 and Visio 2007 installed and Error message when trying to launch VisioSendToVP.msi).

Please can you tell me, procedure to complete this plugin installation.

Thx by advance


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your post. I suggest you to export your Visio shapes as vector graphics, then open the vector graphics by our Shape Editor and convert to stencil.
Details of importing vector image in Shape Editor can be found at

If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong