Visual Architect for Eclipse Galileo


I’ve installed the DB-VA 3.4 for eclipse and I can’t work with it.
All menu entries in menu “Modelling” are greyed. I can’t start anything even not the key manager.

What could be the problem.

thx in forward


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your post. I think you did not start DB-VA for Eclipse (DBVA-EC) yet. Could you please right-click on the project in Eclipse and select Open DBVA-EC in the popup menu, and see if the menu items under Modeling are available?

BTW, we released DB-VA 5.0 SP1 already and I suggest you upgrade to DB-VA 5.0 SP1. You can get details about new features in DB-VA 5.0 SP1 form:

Best regards,
Lilian Wong