Visual Paradigm 11.2 Changelogs

Build 20140906

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed mouse gesture incorrectly created more than one create message with a lifeline
Fixed wireframe thumbnail (in flow of events) failed to render horizontal radio buttons’ captions
Fixed lane grows when attracting data object using magnet
Fixed Documentation Pane wrongly consumed open specification’s documentation editor’s focus
Fixed business process diagram hang
Fixed sequence diagram hang when entering lifeline name

User Story
Fixed not keeping Conversation tab opened after committing in Eclipse (Eclipse integration)
Fixed importing project to a new project cause UeXceler use case diagram failed to be opened
Fixed failed to open reference project’s UeXceler use case diagram
Fixed bad layout of scenario editor
Fixed blank use case details editor
Fixed VS integration closed UeXceler editor after committing

Code Engineering/ORM
Fixed reverse engineering not working properly for Oracle database
Fixed failed to reverse generated XSD
Fixed compilation error in generated state machine code
Fixed unrecognized ‘max’ length in database reversal
Fixed reversing Hibernate mapping hasn’t handle many-to-one relationship from ORM component to ORM Persistable

Collaborative modeling
Fixed moving shape in UeXceler use case diagram in Eclipse prompts "Nothing to commit"
Fixed unable to migrate VP Server to version 11.2
Fixed a VPository upgrade issue
Fixed wireframe elements’ position not maintained after committing project

Fixed bad scaling of profile logo image in Tasifier
Fixed unable to display Task Pool in Tasifier, for Internet Explorer 11.1
Avoided posting comment twice in Tasifier

Report production
Fixed being trimmed when exporting to PDF or Word document
Fixed unable to show preview in report

Build 20141001

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed wireframe shots with System response do not show “SYSTEM” label on image caption
Fixed Project Viewer wrongly supported editing project
Fixed use case details justification not displayed in Requirement Spec
Fixed report wrongly uses plural in English form even user’s UI is not in English
Fixed script files no longer working in InstallFree
Fixed redundant spaces are shown in report
Fixed bad position of name editor for classes with tagged values shown in shape body
Fixed empty mirrored decision table
Fixed unable to show label for glossary term
Fixed generalization not being imported from Excel
Fixed an application deadlock
Fixed a performance issue related to XML importing
Fixed an installation problem on Mac
Changed to show meaningful message when failed to save project to due to out of disk space
Improved the performance of Chart Diagram
Supported changing a PostMania viewer to member
Refined the English content of some windows and dialog boxes

Fixed a problem related to short key AltGr-o
Fixed corrupted sequence diagram
Fixed incorrect lane size when using sweeper or magnet
Fixed an undo problem related to lifeline
Fixed type in wireframe element doesn’t start inputting
Fixed unable to undo set intermediate event as catch/throw
Fixed unable to press Shift to create connector with turning points
Fixed bad activation size in sequence diagram, caused by zooming and undo
Fixed cannot show operation in sequence diagram call message
Fixed class member stereotype formatting not applied when drag & drop element form tree
Fixed BPD data object and association from Visio cannot be imported
Fixed ‘File and Replace’ not work for class member
Fixed disappeared preview connecting when create entity in zoomed ERD

User Story
Fixed user story count not updated while add user story to sprint
Fixed UeXceler not pickup translation
Fixed use case statements not loaded when open project
Supported user story in matrix

Code Engineering/ORM
Fixed generated DDL not generate nullable value
Fixed PostgreSQL incorrect data types and incorrect sql generation
Fixed code generation wrongly skipped package as namespace
Fixed two issues related to reverse engineering of Sequence Diagram
Fixed wrong GenericGenerator value in 1…1 Mapped Table
Fixed wrongly treated “Link” as a reserved word of PHP
Fixed an ORM error: Repeated column in mapping for entity
Fixed association become non-persistable after synchronization
Fixed incorrect Oracle driver URL
Fixed an exception when try to reverse a PostgreSQL DDL
Fixed an orm error: Repeated column in mapping for entity
Fixed Enumerations not generated correctly in C# code (Nhibernate)
Fixed missing create statement when reverse stored procedures from Oracle

Collaborative modeling
Fixed tagged values from stereotypes become ‘user defined’ after commit project
Fixed UeXceler tab wrongly mark modified after committing, in IDE
Fixed wrong column name after commit project
Fixed wireframe element moved after undo deletion and committing

Fixed bad position of reminder icon for sub-tasks in Tasifier
Fixed a drag-and-drop issue of tasks in Tasifier
Fixed closed video still playing in Tasifier
Kept scroll position when performing "show all log"
Improved attachment viewer of Tasifier for viewing image
Not to show hints in text area when being focused
Enhanced the way file attachment is shown in Tasifier

Build 20141101

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a performance issue caused by repeated copy action in wireframe
Fixed property pane not react to selected element
Fixed a wrong numbering issue for sequence messages in sequence diagram
Fixed a problem with inline editing of actor name
Fixed connection point messed after applying sweeper
Fixed description entered for candidate items not being copied as documentation of model element when generating model element from candidate items
Fixed screen capture tool not work in the second monitor
Fixed an visual defect that occurs when renaming a role with longer name
Fixed a proxy authentication problem
Fixed several English mistakes in VPository screens
Fixed ‘Show other Views’ not shows view in nickname
Fixed content of text annotation not copied when duplicate model under nickname environment
Fixed formats assigned to stereotype not applied
Avoided invalid characters in filename when saving
Enabled switching of nickname in VP Project Viewer
Supported printing categories with StringPropertyText (Report Composer)
Suppressed delete element dialog box when attempting to delete element via Open API
Disallowed adding referenced elements into chart

User Story
Supported hiding completed User Stories in Sprint

Code Engineering/ORM
Fixed a problem with Lazy associations in NHibernate code generation
Fixed an error when generating code in Eclipse
Fixed empty schema attribute generated in Hibernate mapping file
Fixed shortcut key for Instant Generator not working

Fixed unable to select text when creating and naming sub-task
Not to send inbox message to assignee if a task is closed already

Build 20141201

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed missing documentation for sequence message imported from EA
Fixed abnormal behavior of table record editor in Eclipse integration
Fixed an issue with editing floating point tagged values
Fixed bad pluralization in relations with association classes
Fixed unable to set connection point style ‘follow center’ as default
Fixed nicknames of referenced diagram in ‘Original’ only
Fixed use case diagram in UeXceler shows arrow
Fixed removing stereotype not restore original style setting
Fixed association removed when removing primary actor
Fixed an error in importing Rhapsody
Fixed “Plateau” name doesn’t wrap in diagrams
Fixed not retain word wrap when apply font color change
Fixed user stories filtered cannot show again after removing filter
Fixed not showing indicators in mind mapping diagram
Avoided multiple ID fields in requirement
Supported hiding out diagram types in New Diagram window (via Custom UI)

Code Engineering/ORM
Fixed missing quote for insert statement in generated DDL
Fixed public property gets generated without the virtual keyword
Fixed an application hang issue related to reversing database
Fixed a SQL Server DDL reversal problem

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed an issue that may cause Teamwork File be deleted after committing project
Fixed bad textual analysis preview image in conflict resolution

Fixed generated Word report cannot be opened
Supported templates for stored procedures, trigger and result set in Report Composer

Build 20150201

Fixed wrong wireframe label position after being moved in child state
Fixed missing length attribute for primary key attribute in generated ORM code
Fixed unable to set NULL to table editor
Fixed several memory issues
Fixed an issue that may cause user story lost when committing project
Fixed a potential deadlock in project opening
Fixed an image exporting issue
Fixed wireframe label lost when undo deleting a different widget in the same wireframe

Build 20150302

Fixed a project saving issue in Eclipse integration
Fixed an undo issie related to creating use case in UeXceler
Fixed missing connector end when creating many-to-many relationship in ERD
Fixed colors assigned to Stereotypes do not properly manifest in diagrams
Fixed missing tagged value when multiple users have added a new tag and committed project
Fixed a refactoring issue
Fixed vanished wireframe after undo copying wireframe widgets
Fixed an IntelliJ IDEA integration issue with IJ 14.0.0

Build 20150501

Suppressed stereotype labels for hidden connectors
Fixed several issues related to activation in sequence diagram
Fixed ports in Component Diagram being moved unexpectedly when resizing a component
Fixed a project commit problem occurred after importing an external project

Build 20150601

Fixed operand misplaced when copy & paste in nested combined fragment
Fixed bad sizing of combined fragment when being resized
Fixed sequence message being swept out of the containing combined fragment when using sweeper
Fixed an error that occurred when generating XSD
Fixed an issue related to undo/redo in Class Diagram

Build 20150701

Fixed several diagram editing issues

Build 20150802

Fixed a diagram rendering issue
Fixed gate shape moved out of interaction use upon resizing interaction use
Fixed reference elements not included in document generation (with template)
Fixed activation detached from lifeline after commit project