Visual Paradigm 12.0 ChangeLogs

Build 20150104

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to add category in diagram toolbar, with plugin
Fixed a problem related to entering Polish character
Fixed bad default positioning of sequence flow in BPD
Fixed part of a character got trimmed in description editor
Fixed panes are wrongly shown when jump from Doc. Composer to a class diagram
Fixed component shape in wrong size when being created from a component using Resource-Centric Interface
Fixed freehand shape shifted in position after undo editing its appearance
Fixed reopen project opens the diagrams closed in previous session
Fixed two undo is required to remove a created callout shape
Allowed entering NULL into PK column in table record editor
Excluded in Windows installer
Supported creating use case from business process that is from referenced project

Sleek UI
Fixed model created remain showing default name in Project Browser
Fixed “Show Link” not work in Start Page
Fixed secondary window closed after committing
Automatically select “Diagram” tab when open diagram in new window
Disallowed showing panes in Project Browser
Improved the search algorithm to ignore some dummy element types
Showed message when there is no search result in Project Browser
Supported showing tool name in diagram toolbar
Supported double clicking on description cell in grid to open the description editor
Supported dragging and dropping diagram/model element in Project Browser
Supported Customize UI for Sleek UI
Supported memorizing diagram overview window’s size
Supported showing tool name in diagram toolbar
Supported showing non-model container types in Project Browser’s Model Structure view
Supported mnemonics
Supported saving with Ctrl-S in new project (never saved before)
Unified the search & find behavior in Project Browser
Update node selection in Model Structure view when collapsing a node

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed a commit issue related to Teamwork Files
Fixed sometimes unable to set tag color in Tasifier (in Visual Paradigm)
Fixed state name not rendered when reversing .sm file
Fixed an issue related to updating PostMania Android app
Avoided previewing PDF file content when committing
Disabled the Commit menu when opening tag project
Disallowed creating sub-task for closed task
Supported copying multiple Teamwork Files path

Fixed bad rendering of action sheet in iPhone wireframe
Fixed overlapped wireframe widgets when attempt to move multiple widgets with keyboard
Fixed unable to select a word in wireframe label for editing
Fixed undo setting ranking stars from 4 star to 2 star causes all stars be removed
Fixed application may hang when resizing tab host in Android wireframe
Fixed wireframe sometimes not react to mouse when switch to another UeXceler tab and back
Improved the behavior of resizing wireframe label

Requirements Gathering
Fixed requirement’s description overwritten by Requirement List’s description pane
Fixed empty user story tab
Fixed unable to render user story fully
Fixed empty space between user stories
Disallowed dragging completed user story to sprint
Improved the behavior of applying/creating tag in user story
Removed the animation effect when opening user story

Code Engineering/Hibernate
Fixed several issues related to C++ round-trip
Fixed Python docstrings not being recognized when using reverse engineering
Fixed Ada9x generation stops at 50%
Escaped HTML characters for parameter example in REST API document
Supported showing parameter type in REST API document if specified
Handled computed columns in generating SQL script from entity
Supported copying request/response header and example in REST API document

Fixed application may hang when importing same Visio file multiple times
Fixed incorrect mapping between aggregation and composition in Visio file importing
Fixed Diagrams view not updated to show imported diagrams

Build 20150201

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a memory issue associated to diagram editor
Fixed a memory issue associated to diagram toolbar
Fixed a memory issue associated to description editor
Fixed a memory issue associated to documentation editor of the animation feature
Fixed a memory issue associated to editing in new window
Fixed gate is missing in sequence diagram “sent” from an existing sequence diagram
Fixed unable to set NULL to table editor
Fixed unable to roll back the automatically naming of package header by performing undo
Fixed not resetting Call Activity color when undo settled its called element
Fixed bad default location of Impact Analysis diagram types
Fixed splitting sequence flow not undoable
Fixed missing path highlighting in Simulation
Fixed an error of Project Publisher
Fixed a potential deadlock in project opening
Fixed font not retained when exporting diagram to PDF image (font specific)
Fixed an input issue related to international characters;
Fixed a name displaying problem of grouping (ArchiMate)
Fixed an image exporting issue
Fixed sweeper causes connector dislocated
Fixed bad activation size in sequence diagram
Fixed ‘Fit size’ failed to fit instance specification accurately
Changed Approver to Accountable in RACI chart
Improved the look of pool/lane shape when importing from Visio drawing

Sleek UI
Fixed Project Browser not opened when opening a project with no active diagram
Fixed a potential deadlock related to description editor
Fixed Switch Diagram button not shown in use case details
Allowed to just expand “Selector” group buttons in diagram toolbar
Revamped Viewless Model Element window to support Sleek UI
Made description editor shows the description of active selection in Project Browser
Memorized Project Browser state
Showed current diagram in Switch Diagram panel
Sorted search result in Project Browser

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed an issue that may cause user story lost when committing project
Fixed Print setting lost after committing project
Fixed strange task movement when moving its parent group shape within a pool
Fixed an issue which may cause member in Teamwork Server be removed unexpectedly
Fixed ‘Revert local’ in new window cause the new window to be closed
Fixed unable to show PostMania topic pane in Brainstorm diagram
Added direct PostMania hyperlink in some of the emails sent by PostMania
Improved task dragging behavior in Tasifier

Fixed wrong wireframe label position after being moved in child state
Fixed wrong wireframe selection in storyboard when changing selection with keyboard
Fixed wireframe label lost when undo deleting a different widget in the same wireframe
Not to expand image widget in wireframe once an image is selected
Supported naming wireframe right after creation

Requirements Gathering
Fixed overlapping of user story text and tag
Fixed UeXceler tab wrongly marked modified
Fixed unable to remove user story added to sprint by performing undo
Fixed description of user stories not being generated to document
Showed scenario and reference count in User Story tabs

Code Engineering/Hibernate
Fixed a Postgre DDL reversal issue
Fixed missing length attribute for primary key attribute in generated ORM code
Fixed DDL reversal not supporting index_option: KEY_BLOCK
Fixed REST API generation settings not memorized
Fixed round-trip does not accept project location variable

Build 20150302

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unexpected delay when showing the ‘Select Classifier’ dialog box
Fixed wrong Parameter type shown in Procedure specification window
Fixed non scrollable diagram
Fixed line jump not working in Data Flow Diagram
Fixed missing connector when import Archi file
Fixed missing diagram when import Bizagi file
Fixed missing connector end when creating many-to-many relationship in ERD
Fixed colors assigned to Stereotypes do not properly manifest in diagrams
Fixed bad REST resource size
Fixed “Select all of same type” selected wrong connectors in DFD
Fixed missing <> stereotype for usage
Fixed unable to edit simulation path
Fixed an IntelliJ IDEA integration issue with IJ 14.0.0
Fixed missing alignment guide for Lost Message in Sequence Diagram
Fixed wrong height for user stories’ tag compartment
Fixed a time-out problem when creating new project
Fixed container element not showing in tree
Fixed a typing issue in Requirement List
Fixed a refactoring issue
Added a sample project to installation (under the samples folder)
Updated palette icons
Updated Help contents
Used different icons for conceptual and logical entity
Improved the performance of moving grouped shapes
Supported downgrading from Evaluation Copy to Community Edition

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed user story in wrong sprint after committing project
Fixed missing tagged value when multiple users have added a new tag and committed project
Fixed date picker in Tasifier not picking year properly

Datbase Engineering
Fixed a SQL server DDL reversal issue
Fixed entities reversed from MS SQL DB aren’t shown properly under schema
Improved the performance of reversing PostgreSQL

Fixed duplicated wireframe widget when copy and paste from another state
Fixed vanished wireframe after undo copying wireframe widgets
Added Delete popup menu for wireframe widgets

Documentation Editing
Not to render different state in red for state selection window in Doc Composer
Made file and folder references clickable in generated documents

Build 20150401

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed blank use case details screen caused by user-defined tagged values
Fixed incorrect disabling of Voice Recording button in description pane when switching between HTML and plain text mode
Fixed several problems associated with project refactoring
Fixed attribute and operation links added to description not support nickname
Fixed undo in ERD incorrectly removes irrelevant entities
Fixed bad positioning of model element links in description editor
Fixed deleting a partition in Activity Diagram moves shapes in other partitions
Fixed a problem related to resizing shapes in Activity Diagram
Fixed having redundant turning points in database view editor
Fixed guard condition mis-placed by sweeper
Fixed combined fragment not correctly visualized when copy and paste
Fixed an inconsistency between the model and the exported XMI, related to State Machine Diagram
Fixed description editor not showing the description of the selected shape (case specific)
Fixed changes made in wireframe may lost when wireframe is opened in storyboard
Fixed unable to apply domain tablespace to entities that are using the domain
Fixed missing Switch button in Mac for switching to another edition
Fixed null value not rendered in request/response body of REST Resource
Fixed unable to capture secondary monitor caused by JDK 1.8
Fixed unable to open an exported Excel file that contains matrix details
Removed the redundant gap that may show below property pane when opening Doc. Composer
Supported defining “NOT” clauses in DB view editor

Code & Datbase Engineering
Fixed a C++ state machine code generation problem
Fixed several database reversal options not being persisted
Fixed database schema selection lost when move back and forth between screens of Reverse DB
Fixed cannot reverse DDL when foreign key is across schema
Fixed advanced options in Hibernate code generation dialog box cannot be shown fully
Supported REST API generation in action bar

Build 20150501

Fixed a project export problem
Fixed a refactor problem
Fixed unable to import a project with use case that contains user story with wireframe attached (case specific)
Fixed inconsistent alignment of shapes in ball-and-socket joint
Fixed bad default swimlane height in Communication Diagram
Fixed “Close Full Screen” dialog box disappeared after closing Full Screen on either window
Fixed bad layout of conditional node caused by stereotype assignment
Fixed some columns in DB not being reversed in Reverse DB
Fixed a PostgreSQL SQL file reversal issue
Fixed bigint type being reversed as int
Fixed hidden user story name
Fixed unable to change description text’s font
Fixed slot values not being included in Excel importing/exporting
Fixed several issues related to activation in sequence diagram
Fixed unable to apply formatting to shape with Format Copier
Fixed ports in Component Diagram being moved unexpectedly when resizing a component
Fixed generated ORM sample code not working (case specific)
Fixed a project commit problem occurred after importing an external project
Fixed entities in ERD diagram image are not clickable
Fixed missing charset option for MySQL 5.0.5
Fixed a problem related to generating State Machine Code
Fixed annotation shape moves far away in wireframe
Fixed description editor not showing attribute description
Supported XML in Response Body Example
Suppressed stereotype labels for hidden connectors
Hide description editor when open Doc. Composer
Updated Polish language set
Adjusted the default size of REST Shape

Build 20150601

Fixed an issue related to entering Polish character in Flow of Events editor
Fixed an issue related to undo/redo in Class Diagram

Build 20150701

Fixed a numbering issue in document (Doc. Composer)

Build 20150802

Fixed unable to assign user group to a branch project
Fixed a diagram rendering issue
Fixed a number of problems related to undo/redo

Build 20150902

Fixed a problem related to applying design pattern
Fixed a problem related to splitting diagram editor in a wireframe
Fixed losing Tree widget in desktop wireframe after committing project

Build 20151001

Fixed several issues caused by a special connector pattern
Fixed unable to retrieve latest Teamwork Files with UpdateTeamworkProject command

Build 20151101

Fixed a diagram opening issue caused by a deleted referenced element
Fixed several XSD instant reverse problem related to namespace
Fixed incorrect format in default values (Entity Column)

Build 20151201

Fixed a bug In searching
Fixed application may hang when editing freehand text shape

Build 20160101

Fixed application may hang when editing a freehand text shape that contains Thai characters
Fixed a problem related to CreateCriteria referencePath
Updated copyright information